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Strategic vision of the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics (MBG) is to develop into a research excellence and innovation center in Greece and internationally. The Department aspires for its faculty to exploit fully their research capacity, to develop and sustain research collaboration with the Medical Department - which, jointly with MBG constitute the School of Health Sciences - as well as with other Departments of DUTH, to maintain research collaborations with Greek and international Research Centers and Institutes and to build valorization capacity via productive consortia with Industry and SMEs at the local and national level. Targeted research endeavors of MBG faculty focus on producing innovative knowledge of high additive value, and the capacity to create applications in human health and the biotechnological and environmental sectors.

In recent years, research capacity and infrastructure at MBG have been significantly advanced via funding through successful grant applications and attraction of donations from nonprofit institutions and independent organizations. Fund sources include European FP7 and COST programs, national grants (GSRT, Ministries, Latsis foundation) and territorial cooperation programs (INTERREG, GSRT bilateral programs). Also, donations from the Bodossaki Foundation, EMBL and Athens-2004.

Research at MBG focuses on the study of biological phenomena and mechanisms at the molecular and genetic level. Most research efforts at MBG aim to create exploitable knowledge with impact in three areas: 1) Biomedicine, in particular research for the benefit of Human health, 2) Biotechnology, with emphasis in Applied Microbiology and the study of Natural Products and 3) Molecular Agrobiology, centering on the molecular biology of insects and microorganisms. In addition, MBG faculty conduct high-impact research in Bioinformatics, Computational and Structural Biology, Ecology/Biodiversity and Pharmaceutical/Theoretical Chemistry.