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The Undergraduate Program of the Department of Molecular Biology & Genetics of Democritus University of Thrace has been designed according to international standards to provide the students with skills, knowledge and abilities required for a successful carreer in Molecular Βiosciences and leads to Bachelor Degree (“Ptychio” in Greek) in Molecular Biology and Genetics. Undergraduate studies last four academic years and are organized in 8 semesters. The curriculum offers a unique combination of breadth and depth of coverage across Molecular Βiosciences with an emphasis on experimental training. During the first four semesters students are introduced to the basic concepts and principles of Molecular Biosciences as well as to the methods and techniques, while in the three following semesters students attend a series of advanced theoretical and laboratory courses (compulsory or elective). In final semester of their studies students either attend a set of 10 elective courses or perform a Research Diploma Thesis. The aim of the Research Diploma Thesis is to familiarize students with the techniques frequently used in a Molecular Biology and Genetics lab. Moreover, students acquire essential knowledge on searching related papers in literature and skills on writing up a scientific project/ paper. Diploma thesis is optional and equals with 30 ECTS units.

Also under the Undergraduate Study Program, MBG students have the opportunity to:
• Acquire an IT skills certificate.
Under the curriculum, students acquire an IT skills certificate by successfully attending four courses in the field. Two of these courses are compulsory, while the other two are elective.
• Perform a Traineeship
MBG students have the opportunity to work for a two month period (June and July) in an enterprise or an organisation with a view to acquire competences that are required by the labour market and carry out work experience. The Traineeship Program of MBG is currently funded by the Ministry of Education & Religious Affairs.
• Acquire the Pedagogical & Teaching Adequacy Certificate
According to the legislation in force (Law 3848/2010, par. 2 art. 2 -ΑΦ A / 71, as supplemented by Law 4186/2013 and superseded by Ν.4547 / 2018, Α102, 06-2018, article 111, paragraph A), certified pedagogical and didactic competence is a necessary condition for appointment in Public and Private Education. MBG curriculum includes a set of 8 courses (two compulsory and six elective) from the Field of Education Sciences. Studnts that successfully completing these 8 courses are awarded the Certificate of Pedagogy and Tactical Adequacy.
• Participate in the ERASMUS + Program
Erasmus+ enables students to undertake a scholarship and perform part of their studies in a Higher Education Institution in Europe without paying tuition fees or perform an internship as Trainees in an enterprise, or in a training center, a research center or other organization based in Europe, with full academic recognition.

Learning outcomes
Upon completion of the studies, the graduates of the Department of Molecular Biology & Genetics will be able to:
• describe the basic biological concepts and principles.
• demonstrate a thorough and sophisticated knowledge base in molecular biology & genetics and describe in detail the current knowledge in these scientific disciplines.
• have acquired basic knowledge and laboratory skills in the Technology of the Biosciences, as well as advanced knowledge and laboratory skills in the Technology of Molecular Biology & Genetics and will be able to pursue a professional career in Biosciences or enrol in a graduate studies program.
• critically evaluate data, form a hypothesis, and design experiments using the scientific method.
• communicate scientific data and ideas, both orally and in writing.

Download the Prospectus for 2019-2002 here

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